Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary Portfolio Management allows clients to take full advantage of our knowledge and experience. Within discretion we take responsibility for all investment decisions, simply contacting you with an explanation of our actions after executing the transaction.

Having been allocated your own investment manager, they will constantly monitor your portfolio as the investment outlook can change rapidly. Alterations will be made to your investments when required, and in line with your stated investment objectives, ensuring that your portfolio remains suitable for you. In addition, you will also receive a comprehensive review of your portfolio twice yearly, at which time we consider all aspects of portfolio management including capital gains tax and ISAs.

A further advantage of becoming a discretionary client is that you will automatically benefit from utilising our safe custody service; whereby, stock will be registered in Barratt & Cooke nominee names, with you having your own designated account.

In order to keep you up to date with the value of your investments, we produce valuations and performance statistics in April and October each year, whilst we also issue end-of-year tax reports in April. However, if you would prefer to monitor the value of your investments more regularly, you could also take advantage of our online valuation service.

Of course, we pride ourselves on providing a personal, approachable service and therefore if at any time you would like to discuss your investments, your investment manager will be available to arrange a meeting.

If you have funds for investment of £200,000 or more, we believe that our discretionary offering will provide you with a professional, convenient investment management service.

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