Since our inception, with Legh Barratt quite literally holding a quill pen, and copperplate handwriting, financial markets have evolved considerably.

From the “Old Boy Stock Exchange network” to today’s sophisticated global financial markets, we have remained a proud, traditional and independently owned family stockbroking firm.

The name Barratt & Cooke was the result of Legh Barratt's service in the First World War, during which time the business was left in the hands of his chief clerk, Arthur Cooke. Legh returned to the business following the war and was joined by his son John Barratt in 1928, just before the Wall Street crash. Like his father before him, John joined the Allied Forces, fighting in the Second World War, only to be taken as a prisoner of war, before being saved by the atomic bomb and returning home.

In 1967 John's son Charles joined the business and soon became the youngest Stock Exchange member. Over the next twenty years the firm maintained a presence in London through its dealing and settlement operations, which were relocated back to Norwich following the sweeping changes made to the industry, with the deregulation of the market in 1986, known as Big Bang.

The eighties also saw the introduction of the privatisation, for which the firm opened the Share Shop. During this time the firm dealt with large volumes of applications as members of the public queued to participate in the popular flotations. In the ensuing years the firm continued to expand its services, introducing Personal Equity Plans (PEPs), discretionary portfolio management, and a nominee service.

2002 saw a period of reflection by the firm, as following over 70 years' dedication to the business, John Barratt sadly passed away after a life devoted to his family, comrades from the Second World War, and the stockbroking industry.

In 2007 and 2009, the fourth generation of Barratts joined the firm, as William and Sam returned to Norwich following employment within the industry, in London. Following their return the management team was expanded to take the business forward.