Investment Approach

Prior to investing, our team of investment managers will take the time to ensure they fully understand your financial situation and investment objectives, whilst also confirming other factors including potential investment restrictions and the time horizon for investing. 

Following this we will then construct an investment portfolio, which dependent upon our views on global stock markets and our asset allocation models, might have exposure to:

  • leading equities (for potential capital growth and rising income)
  • additional smaller companies (to provide further diversification within portfolios)
  • investment trusts (for specialist and overseas exposure)
  • fixed interest stocks (i.e. gilts and bonds: for income and liquidity)
  • cash (for liquidity and investment opportunities)

Once invested we constantly monitor all of your investments: watching any economic or corporate news flow, and price movements, in order to ensure the investments remain suitable for your needs. If alterations are required, your investment manager will contact you with our reasons for change.

We believe that all clients should continue to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of our investment team; our views on stock markets and economies are therefore agreed upon from the consensus view.

This ensures that our investment team follow the same investment policy, meaning all of our clients benefit from receiving consistent investment management advice.